A doctor goes to a dealership and after half-an-hour is given a bill for two hours of labor ("by the book" - totally legal), which he promptly pays.
A car dealer attends a convention and is charged $279.00 for a room which would ordinarily cost him $127.00. The staff was trained to assess clients situation and neediness by the "hospitality" industry.
A hotelier goes to a bank for a loan and is charged for all kinds of "services", which is "waived" for another man, who used to work at the bank and knows better .
Of course all of them , including
banker , end up in the office of the doctor . The nurse comes in, measures blood pressure, temperature, may be even weighs the patient and asks a few questions. The doctor eventually comes in, and after a very brief conversation and without even having a good look at the patient, writes out a prescription - either for antibiotics or Ativan/ Paxil/ Ritalin.

Some would say: "Business" - we say: "daisy wheel" of marketeering TM .